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Our standard or custom single-use food packaging products and services. Always responsible.

No, you don’t have to choose your packaging from an endless product catalogue.

Because every need deserves a solution, whether standard or custom, at Nutripack we prefer to start with you and your products to help you make the best choice.

Together, we’ll find the packaging you need.



Because we can change everything without reinventing the container

As a player in the food processing or corporate catering industry, you are looking for standard products

  • PP or PET plastic food containers for fresh and fragile food storage, protection and transport
  • Gastronorm 1/2 to 1/8 containers made of compostable moulded cellulose
  • Tubs, lids, protective film, etc.
  • Containers, bowls and dishes for corporate catering or meal delivery, etc.

All our standard products are always eco-designed and mono-material:

  • 100% recyclable
  • 100% responsible
  • and 100% suitable for your products

Discover our standard products made of responsible materials: recyclable PET, cardboard, moulded cellulose (paper pulp, designed and manufactured in France)

and custompackaging

Your one-of-a-kind single-use packaging

You need custom packaging for corporate catering or food processing.

Because your products are anything but standard, because they have a unique shape, a specific need, to satisfy a marketing operation, because you’re launching a new product line, etc.

Basically, any reason is a good reason.

And to find the best solution for your needs, our teams co-create with you the best and most suitable packaging for your product.

  • Feasibility study
  • Conceptual design
  • Prototype
  • Testing
  • Manufacturing

Our approach :we find the best responsible

Does plastic still meet a needin single-use food packaging?

For years, plastic containers were the only options for food packaging and corporate catering, due to their simplicity of use, practicality, hygiene, storage qualities, etc.

But the world is changing. Evolving regulations and greater environmental awareness are leading the industry to adopt different solutions.

Should we use less single-use packaging?
Probably when their use is excessive.

But what do you do when packaging is truly necessary?

We can’t avoid packaging for all products.

Without packaging, some products such as butter or fresh products would spoil very quickly. Packaging helps protect food and therefore limit food waste.

But existing alternatives to plastic such as cardboard, paper and Kraft paper are not necessarily appropriate for these types of products. The solution isn’t simply to eliminate plastic.

For us, it all comes down to one question:

How do we reconcile responsible packaging with the need to preserve and protect the most fragile foods, while also respecting our customers’ budgets?

Responsible single-use food packaging does exist.

These days, single-use plastic food packaging is being demonised, and numerous bans have been imposed on its use since 1 January 2020. At Nutripack, we have known since 2009 how necessary it is for the food packaging industry to evolve:

  • By encouraging the emergence of a true recycling industry for mono-material plastic, whether PP or PET. Because this is one of the advantages of plastic: if it is collected, it can be recycled. This is what we have been doing for more than ten years, through our dedicated recycling branch.
  • By developing alternatives to plastic, such as biosourced materials or the moulded cellulose solutions that we develop at Nutripack.
  • By encouraging the use of reusable tableware like Impact Group does through its Re-Uz subsidiary.

And we think that we need to go even further: the material alone is not sufficient to make single-use packaging a responsible food packaging choice. In fact, we have to consider the entire life cycle of the packaging: the material, but also its manufacture, the transport of boxes and packaging, and management of their end of life.

Adopt responsible solutions now for all your food packaging.

Why should you choose responsible food packaging solutions?

  • To control your food packaging end to end and reduce its environmental impact, whether plastics, recycled materials or recyclable or compostable materials.
  • To be sure you comply fully with the regulatory obligations imposed on the entire corporate catering sector and the food processing industry in both France and Europe.
  • To be a pioneer and a true engine of change.
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